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As requested by the World Heritage Committee with the inscription in 2009, a Sustainable Tourism Strategy was signed by the three governments, the tourism sector and green NGOs in 2014, to provide a basis for collaboration. The trilateral Expert Group Sustainable Tourism (EG-ST) coordinates and facilitates the activities in the Wadden Sea.

To support the engagement of stakeholders in this context, the Wadden Sea World Heritage Brand Paper and the World Heritage Brand Toolkit have been developed (to be added)

A number of projects on national, transboundary and transnational level have been carried on this topic since the inscription in 2009. To list only a few:

2012 - 2015 - Interreg IV B North Sea Region project "PROWAD: Protect and Prosper in the Wadden Sea"

2018 - 2022 - Interreg VB North Sea Region project "PROWAD Link - Benefits by linking sustainable development with nature protection" - see under Activities.

Other recent projects are the Dutch/Lower Saxon "Waddenagenda", and the Danish/Schleswig-Holstein "Nakuwa" and VABENE (Links to be added)

INTERREG V A-Projekt Wadden-Agenda 2.0

Six project partners from the Netherlands and Germany participate in the cross-border funding project Wadden Agenda 2.0 with a total of eight work packages. The cross-border project focuses on the cross-border development and implementation of environmentally sound and sustainable tourism to preserve and protect the Wadden Sea ecosystem.

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PROWAD LINK - Protect and Prosper

Under the motto "Protect & Prosper", the Interreg VB North Sea Region project PROWAD LINK aims to unlock the potential of natural areas such as the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site and promote it as a driver for sustainable regional development.

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People in the Wadden Sea

Visitor activation to Benefit nature and environment - VaBene

The Wadden Sea is an important contribution to the world's nature and a major tourism destination. Tourism must work sustainable, as a way to better protect the unique natural values of the area and in accordance with the economic importance of tourism. The task is to balance these demands on both sides of the border. The project will work to fulfill the guest's desire to be involved and connected to the area. Shift the focus from what nature can do for you to what you can do for nature.

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