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"The Wadden Sea is a unique, natural and dynamic ecosystem with characteristic biodiversity, vast open landscpae and rich cultural heritage enjoyed by all, and delivering benefits in a sustainable way to present and future generations."  

Source: Joint Declaration 2010

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Latest activities


The Interreg North Sea Project DARKER SKY is aiming at reducing light pollution & increasing biodiversity and ecological connectivity in the North Sea Area. 

German-Dutch research programme ‘Understanding complex pressures on the Wadden Sea and options for action’

All interested researchers and stakeholders interested in the programme ‘Understanding complex pressures on the Wadden Sea and options for action´ are welcome to use the WSWH exchange platform for exchange towards potential project consortia. 


INTERREG V A-Projekt Wadden-Agenda 2.0

Six project partners from the Netherlands and Germany participate in the cross-border funding project Wadden Agenda 2.0 with a total of eight work packages. The cross-border project focuses on the cross-border development and implementation of environmentally sound and sustainable tourism to preserve and protect the Wadden Sea ecosystem.

KID - Keep It Dark

The overall objective of this small-scale project is to develop a light pollution monitoring network within the Wadden Sea area that combines different measurement methods to achieve reliable results. Project partners are the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute of the University of Groningen (lead), the universities of Aarhus and Oldenburg.