The Cooperation is based on the “Joint Declaration on the Protection of the Wadden Sea”, which was first signed in 1982 and last updated in 2010. The Joint Declaration is a declaration of intent and delineates the objectives and areas of the cooperation as well as its institutional and financial arrangements. For the past four decades, the Cooperation has fostered cooperation and exchange between partners from politics, nature conservation, science and administration, as well as local stakeholders. Together they represent an enormous pool of knowledge and experience. This transboundary ecosystem-based collaboration was a prerequisite for the designation of the Wadden Sea as World Heritage site.

LANICE - North Sea wide acceleration of LANding offshore energy while mitigating Impact on the Coastal Environment

LANICE aims to support the achievement of EU renewable energy targets and climate change mitigation objectives while preserving the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site. LANICE aims to provide mitigation schemes to effectively reduce environmental impacts by investigating environmental conflicts and acceleration potentials for transmission grid projects for an environmentally sound energy transition.

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