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The Wadden Sea World Heritage is a multifaceted dynamic natural system. It is also a complex transboundary site in terms of its protection and management, its governance, the number of stakeholders involved, different languages spoken and cultural backgrounds. The many organisations and people who have a stake in the Wadden Sea World Heritage bring together ideas, expertise, competence, initiatives, and resources to form a strong and united community because there is much to be gained by working together.

Therefore, the responsible ministers of the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation (TWSC) instructed the Wadden Sea Board in 2018, to develop partnership schemes and a Partnership Hub together with partner organisations and in partner networks going beyond the governmental cooperation across the Wadden Sea Region (Leeuwarden Declaration, May 2018, Art. 1+2).

To bring these decisions to life, a range of strategic partner networks’ representatives from the Wadden Sea Forum, the Wadden Sea Team of green NGOS, the trilateral Network Group Sustainable Tourism, the trilateral science community and the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation of the Wadden Sea states (TWSC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to kick off the strategic, multi-stakeholder “Trilateral Partnership in support of the UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage” (in short: Trilateral WH Partnership) on 30 June 2019 in Wilhelmshaven, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the inscription.

The Trilateral Partnership in support of the Wadden Sea World Heritage aims to pool and strengthen existing skills and experiences of multiple stakeholders under one umbrella, to contribute to protection and preservation of the Wadden Sea, whilst fostering sustainable regional development within the entire Wadden Sea Region.

The Trilateral WH Partnership is based upon existing structures with a long history of achievements and contributions of stakeholders’ and partner networks. The partners within the partnership are committed to contribute to and support an efficient and effective protection and management of the transboundary Wadden Sea World Heritage, to safeguard its Outstanding Universal Value for future generations and to contribute to a more sustainable Wadden Sea region. The primary aim of the Partnership is to enhance ownership in civil society and to build an extended and stable, multi-level and cross-border community for the benefit of the Wadden Sea World Heritage. The Partnership initiative is open to further stakeholder networks and organisations, which are committed to the objectives and willing to collaborate within the framework of the MoU.

In order to provide the Trilateral WH Partnership with network management and a platform, the Trilateral Partnership Hub was established by the Operational Team Partnership Hub (OPteamPH) and further developed within the framework of the Interreg VB North Sea Programme Project PROWAD LINK, The hub currently consists of the OPteamPH, teaming up liaisons within the partner networks and organisations, to guide the development of the trilateral partnership and of the Trilateral Partnership Hub administration unit, which provides support for common projects and activities and secretariat functions to the partnership. During the start-up phase of the Partnership Hub (2020-2022), the admin unit is associated to the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat (CWSS). The work of the Partnership Hub is based on a first concept agreed to by the partners.

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